Artivate: A journal of entrepreneurship in the arts

The mission of Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts
is to disseminate new thinking and perspectives on arts entrepreneurship theory, practice, and pedagogy.

Artivate published original scholarship that engages with arts entrepreneurship in the following areas: entrepreneurship theory as applied to the arts; arts entrepreneurship education; arts management; arts and creative industries; public policy and the arts; the arts in community and economic development; nonprofit leadership; social entrepreneurship in or using the arts; evaluation and assessment; public practice in the arts.

The editors are particularly interested in articles that actively link theory with practice in ways that will be of interest and impact to the broad cross-section of the Journal’s readership. Self-reflective studies from arts entrepreneurs and empirical research from scholars are equally welcome. We are interested in supporting the growth of our nascent discipline and also welcome debut articles from emerging scholars.

Artivate is published by Herberger Institute Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Programs at ASU.

2012 – nu


Arizona State University
Herberger Institute Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Programs