ARK:IDEA – The Student Incubator (ended 2012)

Ark:Idea was a student incubator at the Aarhus School of Architecture that aimed to encourage students to carry out their ideas by collaborating with external partners. 

Architecture students that participated in the incubator were encouraged to carry out their projects by collaborating with customers, companies and an external network. The incubator provided counseling and necessary knowledge to extract the lessons learned, improve the students’ position and support them in getting their projects out.

Apart from getting actual experience in exchanging their services with the outside world, the learning outcome of the students was focused on acquiring self-efficacy and courage to get out there.

Learning goals
To increase an entrepreneurial mind set and support the student’s professional confidence by practising the ability to transform artistic skills into value for external stakeholders.

Ark:Idea was active from 2007 – 2012 and was financed by The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.




Aarhus School of Architecture

Projekt Partner
The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Kontakt person
Merethe Kruse