EntreNord Conference, 2014

The second conference on entrepreneurship in Nordic arts education, EntreNord – Teach the Teacher, 13.-14. november 2014 in Copenhagen.

KreaNord, Nordic Council of Ministers, Karlbak and CAKI – Center for Applied Artistic Innovation invites educators, educational planners, artists and researchers to join the second EntreNord Conference. Through Nordic cases, workshops and presentations from keynotes speakers, the aim of the conference is to discuss and develop entrepreneurial teaching in the arts educations in the Noric countries.

Teach the Teacher

The first EntreNord conference, ‘From Student to Professional’, held in November 2012, marked the beginning of the EntreNord initiative. In 2012, we focused on how entrepreneurship can contribute to strengthening the professionalization of the art student. Through talks, case presentations, workshops and facilitated discussions, we explored how and why arts education can be strengthened by defining the concept of entrepreneurship. In this year’s EntreNord conference, we take the point of view of the teachers, when we address the challenge of developing teaching skills in interdisciplinarity, assessment of self-efficacy and evaluation of entrepreneurship in the arts educations.

As a teacher in the arts educations, a key element is to prepare the students for a professional working life. As a consequence it remains a challenge for the educational institutions to provide the students with tools, knowledge and skills that enable them to engage with self-efficacy in a professional life under constant change.

Before these skills can reach the students, the knowledge – as well as the necessary tools and methods to disseminate it – must be present among the teachers. Hence, the teachers in the art educations must themselves engage in new knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship and self-efficacy, thus adding to their own artistic disciplines and teaching backgrounds, when exploiting the interdisciplinary knowledge potential present within the field of entrepreneurship.

At the same time, there is a growing demand for teachers to be able to document and communicate the effect of entrepreneurial teaching and learning goals. Of course this also involves the question of how to establish, assess and evaluate on learning goals related to entrepreneurship and the self-efficacy of the students. To engage in and help qualify this mutual challenge shared between the Nordic countries, we chose the theme of this year’s EntreNord conference to be Teach the Teacher.

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