Industrial Identity Turn Around

”Industrial Identity Turn Around” was a collaborative communication project between Frese Metal and Steel Foundry and performance artists from the Danish Development Center for Performing Arts

Concepts from staging and directing performances was used in an industrial business context in order to develop the communication of the company in a new and more complex direction through an experience- and relation-based market approach.

The result was a series of changes in the company that led to new ways of communicating, new concepts, analytical tools, identity change and new market behaviour.

Learning goals: The collaboration was established to investigate the merging of mindsets and of different professional cultures. The goal was to create initiatives targeted towards Frese Metal’s market by integrating industrial, mercantile and artistic perspectives and developing an overall mutual understanding.

The project was facilitated by the Danish Development Center for Performing Arts and the Danish add agency, Andersson og Jantzen. The project was financed by all parties and by Center for Cultural and Experience Economy.




Danish Development Center for Performing Arts

Projekt Partner
Andersson og Jantzen, Frese Metal and Steel Foundry

Kontakt person
Anders Holst